We are a specialized company offering practical solutions in sports surfaces of the highest quality. We offer products that improves people's lives and their sports performances at any level. This way we bring the same standard of the quality of the most prestigious sports facilities worldwide to all levels of athletes in our communities.


We are dedicated to the projection and design of sports facilities, following the international standards of the different institutions that govern each discipline, fully complying with the technical specifications of each sport.


We have a team of engineers with extensive experience in the construction of the most prestigious sports facilities. We are proud of what we do because we are also users of sports facilities in many different disciplines, we are athletes.


Los torneos más importantes del tenis mundial se juega sobre Plexipave. Desde el Abierto de Australia hasta el US OPEN Series son prueba de la alta calidad y rendimiento de nuestras superficies. 100% acrílicas, resistentes a todo tipo de clima y con una gran variedad de colores son la superficie perfecta para cualquier nivel de juego.


The most important world tennis tournaments are played on Plexipave. From the Australian Open to the US OPEN Series are proof of the high quality and performance of our surfaces. 100% acrylic, resistant to all types of weather and with a wide variety of colors, they are the perfect surface for any level of play.


This advanced system of athletic surfaces is designed to provide the highest levels of cushioning and performance during training and competition at all levels. Its water-based polyresin components make Plexitrac the perfect balance of performance, safety, economy and harmony with the environment.


It is an ecological and economic system that uses materials of the highest quality according to international FIFA standards. It is prized for its generous nature, durability, and similarity in play to natural grass. Its versatility allows it to be used both in professional stadiums, as well as in multipurpose facilities and/or in recreational clubs.